Robin Hood – A “Prince of thieves” inspired musical

Okay, there are several reasons why I haven’t been around, and here is one of them. Since the beginning of last semester, I’ve been a part of the musical class at my School, half a day straight once a week, I don’t really complain about that I tell you. The première and the week of performances was April 2nd to April 5th. One thing that I don’t mind doing again. It’s been two weeks since it ended and I don’t know what to do with the Fridays from now on, several classes are ending, a few is left and soon I’ll graduate.

A blurry picture from when the crowd is getting seated.

The musical itself ended up as a great performance, I personally was up on stage a few times to huff and  puff people around and then leave again, mainly because my main priority was to be in the band as  the only one who played in every single song. With  an alternation between scenes, instruments and  music genres, I must say that I really liked the final product, our actors and classmates did a great job on  their own bit and all I have to say is Thank you for a  great time and I hope that a lot of us will stay tuned  with each other now when it’s over and graduation is  just around the corner. With that being said, six  performances, around thousand visitors and a lot of  laugh and playing, this will most certainly be one of the things I’ll remember from my time at Liljaskolan.

Thank you for the great time, I’ll try to be back to be in the audience for the Musical next year. Peace out.


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