Iceland, Blue Lagoon (Short Post No.1)

Friday morning = time to sleep = true.

We went out later that we have the past couple of days and had a walk in town, took the bus that would take us to Blue Lagoon which was an Experience, Hot water, saunas, treatment, nice people, I’m not that much into heat but that was actually quite nice. The water had a light, light blue, you couldn’t see deep in the water at all, a few centimetres deep tops. No matter what, I managed to get my water samples out of there unnoticed and that was it for me. We explored the area, with waters sometimes up over 40ºC (104ºF). Got back in the showers and had a relaxing evening to finish our Iceland tour.

Eventually we got back to our hotel room after a good and relaxing time out and I packed and went to bed, not caring what my mentor did. He could deal with it, and so he had to. I haven’t felt this clean in ages, ether it was psychological or it was something there that was really affecting me physically at the Lagoon, no matter what. A place worth mentioning with it’s ground entrance fee of 30 euros.

The reason why this one is so short is that it’s not written the same day, it’s written way after and several things has happened that I want to catch up on.


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