Iceland, Ishestar and horseback riding

Today was about to be all for the horses, we went up in time and waited the lobby for the bus together with some people from Witchurch High School in Cardiff, UK.  Their bus arrived and they went on their tour of Iceland with their group of I think maybe thirty to forty people. We continued waiting and eventually our bus arrived, our group of five people filled the last six seats and then we were off to Ishestar. The drive was about thirty to forty-five minutes and when we got there it was all about  claiming our reservations, fill in our experience with horses, put on some clothes and then out to the stables.

The first horse I got (who’s name I’ve forgotten by the time I sat up on it unfortunately) was  clearly it’s own master and he took ME our for a ride and not the other way around. He listened when wanted to go left or right, but not when it was too quick or when I wanted it to stop. But I managed it and I was really shaken after the first drive. I actually picked the fast route so it contained some speed, we were a group of maybe thirty people.

 We got back and I was really happy that they served some lunch there at the restaurant,  but when I sat down of the horse we got asked by our guide if we wanted to keep our horses  or if we wanted to change it to a faster or slower one. I said that I wanted a more laid back  horse, which I eventually got after lunch. And I also forgot to mention that my horse also  had lost its shoes on one of it’s back legs so I had to steer him out of the ice as much as I  could and then tell the guide that one shoe was lost. She stopped the group, called one back  at the center who got there and put on another one. But over all, I survived and no one got  hurt, apart from the girl who fell off because of her horse got scared of something, but she  was just bruised and shaken I think.

After lunch I got a much more laid back horse, and I really liked him, and his name: Gangster (I’m quite sure about that). Before we sat up one of my classmates did her part of gathering data for her examination project by measuring six of the horses, while I helped with notes and talked to one of the staff who were from Sweden. We had ordered the Viking tour and it was just the four of us and our mentor and our guide. It was truly amazing, the landscapes, the odd walking and the nice information we got from the guide. We even galloped a few times, which I truth to be told prefer so much more before the fast walking the Icelandic horses does, galloping was so nice and fun, loved it.

20140226_145447 After two hours of constant riding we took a break and found out that our guide was from  Denmark and we had a chat in multiple languages. Then we sat up again, got back, got our  certificates that we have completed a course at Ishestar and left with an aching body with  the bus on which I slept. I woke up back in Reykjavik and our hotel was the last stop.

I had a really good time, took a quick break at our hotel, had some showering and went out  for dinner. We ate at an Asian restaurant, got stuffed, walked back home with a body that  was literally killing me, and fell asleep, that is why this post is shorter because I’m writing  this a day after.

Stay tuned for more information about our stay in Reykjavik and Iceland.


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