Iceland, Elding Whale Watching

Same procedure this morning, woke up and fell asleep, later this time but it was fine, getting used to this now.
However, I woke up with a terrible ache in my thighs from yesterday’s walking but I managed to make it throughout the day.

This day was less eventful in one way but more thrilling in another way, we walked along the beach walk from the hotel which was actually quite nice, not exactly a beach but it was a nice walk with many stops, smaller pieces of art and with some history every here and there. I had an opportunity to take several photos of more things now and it was fun actually, the others still walked a bit too quick tho but it was relatively okay.

We made our way to the big building which I think I mentioned one or two posts ago and actually got some close up pictures on it, we ended up actually getting inside of the building and it was quite massive inside as well, so much class, open and clean seems to be a good way to attract the attention to the locals, it works really good for me if I may say so myself. After a few pictures in there we left for a place to eat lunch and we ended up at the very Icelandic Subway (hehe, please note irony) and had half sized toasted chicken breast sandwich with some salad, easy and yet really good. After the quick lunch we moved on to the harbor and towards the Elding Whale Watching center with a museum located in a boat. It was quite interesting truth to be told, not that thrilling but since you were in the mood for whale watching in general it was really good. We claimed our booked tickets and they told us that since the strong winds they would drive us by bus on a one hour drive off charge for whale watching instead and that there’s been much more whales spotted there. I thought it wouldn’t be that many to go there but then again I was wrong, we ended up as four buses for whale watching only.

The guy we had was an Englishman from Manchester who worked at Elding Whale Watching and I think he was really good.
Not only did you bring up less known funny things but also you gave great instructions and you made me smile every time, and if you read this, thank you for a great time. When we got on board I went straight down to bottom deck for our thick and warm overalls to wear on top of my already warm and thick clothing. I felt a bit stuffed but it was fine, it turned out that they had sizes from XXS to XXXL, not to leave anyone behind.

We all got dressed and headed straight up again, he spoke some more and actually took the very boat we were taking.
He spoke about how whales were, what to expect and much more. (Omg, I’m so tired, I better wrap this up quickly)
We saw some whales showing for us, no killer whales or blue whales but humpback whales even jumping out of the water, they used the clock system to navigate from the boat as well where the whales were. It turned out that we were extremely lucky today since there’s not that common that whales show off like they did today. I consider myself lucky for that. In the end of it all I had a really nice day, we laughed and saw some really great whale activity in the wild. On the way back I began to feel a bit seasick due to the long time at sea so I kind of struggled to make it without fainting. Luckily for me I found some nice English ladies to talk to below deck and everyone seemed to have a good time.

When we were about to jump off the boat I got requested from a lovely old English lady to help her remove her overall, he was so sweet, we talked and I got her blessing where on the bus back, I fell asleep. I woke up back in Reykjavik and we went to a pizzeria. But on our way there we ran into a group of people clearly protesting at something, but what it was remains a mystery for me.

We had our pizza, walked back, trained a little bit on the musical we’re having later this year while walking and when we got to our apartments we said good night and here I am now barely awake at 9.23pm local time.

I’m sorry this one was shorter, but I really have to sleep, I’ll see you around, stay tuned for more.


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