Iceland, The exploring of Reykjavik

Woke up at four local time, which would be by three at home, and fell asleep again.
Woke up a couple of times more and was awake for a few hours and soon enough I fell asleep again. The last time was when my mentor prepared to get out to run for a bit, or so I believe considering the clothing he was wearing, that was a good thing I believe to do major hygienic activities such as showering and more. And it gave me some time to sit down, just relax in the cool-ish room in the temperatures I prefer to be in a room and eat some of last nights according to the receipt expensive breakfast (btw, I LOVE the Icelandic water, it is so good, cold and fresh, so many things seem to be so fresh around here). Now my classmates came in and my mentor is still out, he’ll be surprised I believe as he’ll most likely shower, (which he did, hehe).

We went out around 10.00 am and worked started to walk downtown with no direct destination apart from Hallgrimskirkja. We ended up Zig-Zaging through the streets with no direct look at the map, this brought us up on a hill with a view over a technical school we believe. With a view of the school and a good look over Reykjavik, we took a few pictures and moved on down the other side which was quite steep with my system camera hanging over the shoulder, but I made it down in one piece. We passed a smaller church with just having a look at it, I was a bit in my own thoughts, trying to take in so much as possible when my other classmates and mentor apparently tried to cover as much as possible during a relatively short amount of time. However, I woke up from this by one of my classmates literally shouting: “Unicorn!”. It seemed to be that on one of the streets someone (most likely the owner of the house) decided to place a unicorn sign. Which was a bit surprising.

After a bit of laughter, and a walk through the beautiful back alleys of Iceland we came to a frozen yogurt shop called Yo Yo next to a school for minors, unfortunately we were too early and we had to get back there later so we continued walking up behind that building and spotted Hallgrimskirkja from behind and my classmates and mentor now started to see why I suggested this place. We walked around the massive building to the front and walked in and I was so happy it was open. By looking at the entrance only I knew this was  huge place, and when I got in I was struck by it’s interior. There were no paintings what so ever, just gray stone, quiet, and really peaceful. I really liked it there, and I was happy because I had no visited this place. I really recommend people going there if you have your ways through Reykjavik. I wanted to go there, and now I have. With several pictures from both in and outside the church. Thank you my class for taking me there. 🙂

Across the street a little bit up the street there was this café called Loki, where we stayed for a snack and to catch hour breath where we all got some coffee and since I don’t drink coffee, I had a chocolate cake with whipped cream instead, and it was so yummy. It was relatively cheap, considering the high amounts of numbers on the price list and comparing to how it is back in Sweden. We sat there for a while, talked, Googled things a and then we walked downtown into the city square of Reykjavik. The city of Reykjavik isn’t that big at all, it has it’s modern houses and the old ones right next to each other right in the city core. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to take some pictures because, as I said, they wanted to cover as much as soon as possible, which I in the end kind of agreed with, even if I sometimes felt like I wanted two days for just Reykjavik to let it sink in and take pictures how I wanted them and everything, but what to do, I had my time in the church and that’s good enough for me. The shopping streets, suspiciously so called tourist trap looking but still. With it’s variety of shops, narrow streets and lots of space, Reykjavik city core is calm even during Monday mid days.

We had some lunch in a restaurant and that was one of the best lunches I’ve had for 1395kr (70kr), I loved my fish dish and once again, I was drinking water because the water around here is so good I don’t really want anything else, I’ll honestly miss it when I get home. The people around here, and the society at large, seem to care a lot about their health and I can see that, with medicine shops and pharmacies spread across the city. We went into a sport clothing store and immediately we found a slide through the floor to the bottom floor instead of stairs, I didn’t doubt, I joined at once. Not only the slide, there were also carps swimming  under the stairs up and with small bridges as walking paths in the store, I’ll remember that sport store as a place to shop (and play a bit, hehe).

A few stores later we went back to Yo Yo and had some frozen yogurt, the entire concept is that you pick the flavors you want, add sprinkles, fruits or whatever else you want, they will weight it and you pay, simple and cheap. I had a blueberry/mint mix with licorice sprinkles with kiwi and clementines, Yum! After everyone finished their cups of goodieness we walked a detour home, via the Saga Museum which is a rather interesting place located on a hill, with a restaurant and a four stores high building with a view point of 360 degrees on the roof where we located some mountains in the ocean that was over 120 kilometers away.
A compass and a map in one With compasses in every corner so you could locate where everything was you could see where all the places, areas and mountains were from this point, enter this building free of charge, have a snack in the Café, join a guided tour if you want with charge or just enjoy the view of the landscape. Indoors there even was a geyser simulator where you could get a feeling of how high a geyser actually get. We were here for a while, locating areas, trying to figure out how our horseback riding session will be and (OMG! I just hear that my mentor gives me credit for the church detour! And now my classmates arrived, I’ll be back later)

(Back a few hours later) We went to a shopping mall where the local people buy their food and other belongings, Everything was nice, clean, relatively cheap where a lot of the wares were even cheaper than home. We walked around there and I found a thermos for my tea for the horseback riding day for 600kr (or 30kr  where I’m from). We got home, had an hour to recharge our batteries after six hours of constant walking. After that we went out and ate dinner where my plate was a little too much for me, I got stuffed and we started to talk about memories and how our time in school has been like, how we have developed as persons and as one class, how the school has changed and more. A lot of laughter and a good time out. Now I’m back and writing this, my thighs are aching from just walking and I can’t recall the last time I felt something like this before, I’m tired and yet exited over being here, it feels like home already, we know where the  hot spots are, easy to communicate and to buy food. Reykjavik is a town I could really spend some more time in.

Stay tuned for more updates about our stay in Reykjavik and in Iceland.


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