Iceland, The day of travel.

Today was a quite interesting day, not to mention that I’ve had to set the alarm at 5.00 am to make sure I could get up and away in time. My brother who visited us yesterday went in with us, we said bye and then we went separated. Our mentor arrived last, around five to ten minutes after us, we did our check in and stepped on-board and had a, truth to be told, a very good breakfast.

In Stockholm, all we had to do was a check in and the correct gate, where a little  misunderstanding occurred since one of us claimed that seven is indeed between 11 and 24. It was most likely around here I lost my bracelet from a very close friend. I feel so so so so so bad about it, but I’ll try to manage since I got it the first time we met. We walked around looking for a place to eat before the next flight a few hours later. We walked around, looking at stores and I’ve bought a book that’s written by an author I’ve road a book of in one go. After a long lunch we went to the gate watched some Olympic hockey on the television (which I later found out that Canada against Sweden with 3-1).

A three hour long flight from Stockholm to Reykjavik was next in line of this eventful day, with movies and books as a way of entertainment and a way to make time pass. I actually found out that they had Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride as an option on the plane, along with the pillows and blankets they handed out for free. This is here where I start to sense that my language skills lack within the Icelandic language, as I don’t speak Icelandic but English (obviously, since I’m writing this in English).

We got off the bus and I immediately got struck  by the high prices since they end the price with the same sigh we do back home, just that the value is much lower so it looks like it’s super expensive, the bus ride from the airport was about 2.700kr a person.

Iceland was really what I thought it was, barely any trees at all, the air is sooo fresh and the temperatures are so nice. The language is a bit special and I can figure more that I first thought out by just looking at things I’ve realized now, maybe it’s because Icelandic and Swedish is from the same family of language. Anyway, I think this will be very interesting and fun, not only I’m doing this with my class and mentor, but because I’ve also wanted to go to Iceland for some time now (which obviously made me happier than I already was about this).

The bus driver we met was the one you could call a real viking, beard, white hair in a tail, so charming. The bus ride was for about 45 minutes and when we got to Reykjavik we changed bus to a smaller one to take us to the hotel, this included in the price, they handled it really good. When it comes to the city of Reykjavik, my first impression of it was that it’s a smaller capital city with a nice location and a well developed harbor, both old and new architecture with a lot of things to give to visitors. The first specific building I saw of Reykjavik was from the bus and that was Hallgrìmskirkja (The massive church of Reykjavik which is one of my pit stops tomorrow), from many kilometers away. When it comes to my impression of the city when we got in was that it wasn’t really that crowded but I’ve only been here on a Sunday night yet half an hour of walking from the central square of Reykjavik so I’ll find out more by then.

We got to our hotel, got our rooms and my room, which I share with my mentor, was quite nice to be honest, a bit close at times, but really big for two people, Wi-Fi, nice shower and everything. The only thing is that my room is in the building next door to the reception and my classmates stays in the same house as the reception. Apart from that little surprise, so far so good, we’ll see how the nights ends up like.

We left our bags, redressed, took a minute to catch our breath and went out for something to eat, got stuffed with food for 1,300 kr (or 75 where I come from) and then we went to a grocery store and bought things for breakfast for our apartments, my list ended in 1,600 kr (13o kr) and now we have had a cup raspberry tea together over a laugh. After a while, my classmates (three girls) left for their room and now I’m writing this with my mentor next to me watching a movie and then we’re going to bed (!). Oh my, I can hear him pull them apart at this very moment, Haha, thank you mentor, we haven’t really had this kind of contact and truth to be told, I wasn’t really looking forward to sharing bed with you so thank you.

Stay tuned for more, we’ll explore the city of Reykjavik tomorrow.


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