School, Gifts and Immortality

So, I’ve got this letter yesterday that I’ve got a package to fetch from the post office/bus stop.
But I sent my parents with the paper signed to the office to get it for me. I was walking home by that
point so I couldn’t fetch it and saw the fear right in front of me. I was walking on the main road and 
I walked on the opposite side of our house. Our cat ran towards me from my neighbour’s house 
and said hello. But then she saw a car, and with the respect of cars she has, 
she didn’t want to be in the way for it so she decided to ran across the road… 
and she got hit by a car, who instantly stopped but it was too late.
I saw the body of our most social and cuddly cat ever roll in such a high speed 10-20 meters 
in on our garden. The only thoughts I had in my mind were:
“Please be at least in one piece”, “I love you, I’ll never forget you”.
But when she instantly ran off after being launched that entire distance from that car in 
70-100 km/h. I just stood there, gasping and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. 
I ran over the road onto our garden, the driver who was my neighbour and the mother of one
of my classmates for 11 years. She cried and I started to search her, with no result.
She desperately called my mother and I called my father, they were just around the corner, well,
a couple of minutes away so they showed up quickly. My father found her, and she fought back,
obviously shaken by this experience. When she got in, she didn’t even limp, and when she started 
to eat and clean herself, we saw that no internal or outer injuries have been caused by this 
unfortunate event. 
I am so glad she is alive, and I still see that moment every time I close my eyes.
The slams of her body under the car, her seemingly lifeless body being tossed in high speed and
my stopped heart of believing I saw my beloved cuddly pet cat have been killed by a car.
Sometimes I think she’s my cat, because when she’s around me, she doesn’t listen to my parents
and she spends a lot of time in my part of the house. I’m so glad that you are safe and okay,
she drinks, she eats, she doesn’t even limp, and she’s cleaning herself.
I don’t know what to say unless that I’m still shaking at this point four hours later.
I’m just so happy that you’re safe honey and I think that you’ve just got 8 lives to spare now,
don’t waste them kitty, please? 
My immortal cat Simson in a tree
(Picture from my VF profile two months ago)
When we got in and we made sure I could pay some attention to the package I’ve got.
It was a Christmas gift that I’ve got and I was allowed to open it due to the events that I just have
been through. There was a metal pencil with musical notes on it, my full name on the lid and
two Christmas cards, one to me and one to my family as well.
Thank you, I’ll try to find something for you as well.
My Christmas present in its rightful box.
In other news, History exam went quite okay today and I’m having a Skype call and writing this at
the same time I’m studying for my law class exam tomorrow, I should study, law and music tomorrow.
Things could have been worse, but I’m fine about that actually. Being respected, loved and seen by 
the people around you makes everything easier, and the music as well… 
A long post I know, had to get it out, see you around.


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