Weekend update W.48 (thursday – sunday)

Had a quite relaxing day at school, easy classes in communication and after lunch my mentor sent me
off to go to see a movie during the entire afternoon until the day ended.
It wasn’t the most recent film but “Remember the titans” was actually quite good.
Met up with one of my classmates there and some other people from other programmes.

That evening I went to a friend’s place for a sleepover, had dinner, went out, played games and had
some fun surprising people on omegle and Chatroulette. Went to bed late tho, and while lying there in
the fade light of the christmas decorations, the emtyness started to return, but more like a tingeling feeling.

Could sleep longer this morning, it was needed but I remained tired for some time during the day
as well. Wasn’t able to do my best in musical class, some teachers had a go at me but I just couldn’t care
really, I had the music teacher on my side and the others were most likely stressed.
Played another song which included some laughter so that’s a good thing I suppose.

During the lunch however, one of the highlights of the week occured.
A friend, a classmate and myself sat down during lunch today and had really interesting conversations.
Turns out that I’m not alone about thinking that my classmates are special, that some teachers are too
much and being labeled as the idiot of the year. It turns out that I am, of all people that goes there, sane
being proud of meing myself. I am apparently missed more often lately by one of my classmates in the classroom when I’m not there. My entire class including me adds up to a total amount of four students.
I am apparently sane, I know and accept what I do wrong but for some reason I seem to be one of the sane ones in the class, one to talk to.

Thank you, that’s one of the most friendly things I’ve got told in some time from people in my class.
Thank you for making my week, on the list of top events of the month.
Thank you.

Sleepy morning, couldn’t find the motivation to study, even tho I have exams on tuesday and wednesday,
music homework and projects to be handed in. All of these are not hard at all, just can’t find myself doing it.
My day contained Skype calls, gaming, films and music, lots and lots of music and reading. Need to find
my ability to focus again and hopefully get back to studies with the high results I’ve had this entire year.

Gave studying a shot, I blew… hard.
Woke up, had breakfast, had no Skype call, shower, went downtown to the first day of christmas market in town. nothing new this year, as usual. Got back, had a really good fika, had another no go Skype call and went experimenting with new settings with cumputers and other digital devices.
The day ended in a two hour Skype call with interruption of dinner and… still no studies made.
I have at least made the list for christmas this year, at least something I suppose.
It feels like I’ve got a good and over all relatively laid back weekend.
Got told that I should get a new pair of boots, a black pair which I really like the idea of,
I’ve also got the offer to fix the heels and in that way hate two pairs, one more worn out and a nice pai

I still miss you tho, looking for flights and I really hope I can book them soon, I really hope we can
meet up again. Some people think they are able to be focused because they have managed a few weeks
without being with who they love because they go to a different school and thier scedules doesn’t add up.

For those of you who are curious
My situation is like this: here I live, in the northern half of Sweden, and the other half goes to school in south Spain, and family in the Netherlands and England. It’s not that easy to add up scedules, the few year age gap included, about 3000-4000SEK just for a bit less than a week during a midterm break is nothing compared to what you can do.

We haven’t met since the 27th of june this year and that have also been the one and only time we have met in our 19 month history of knowing each other. We have been in a relationship since when
we met and when we meet up in Sweden, I am going to make it official to my family, friends and others.
You can see that I am in a relationship on some sites, but not the biggest ones where the majority of my friends are active, only a few friends know, only a scelected few, the ones who asks me will get know.


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