Oh sweet… #FML

Well fuck, today I’ve had probably one of the shittiest days so far this year.

To start with, I was really tired and drained the whole day, I just want to stay back home.
Then, I managed to distract myself to be more active in class, my friends were there however and
they always cheer me up a bit and can distract me, thank you.
But all the things really started after my last lesson.
I found out that it just have been raining the entire afternoon and just about every ounce of snow had
disappeared. I walked out and right outside the door, I fell, slit my hand open and my relatively new jacket.
I’m just glad that my valuable keyring made of glass didn’t even get a scratch, and that’s was the only thing
I could think about. Went to the bus stop and the bus was late, the ride home made me even more late and it was in the last minute that I would get on to the bus to the way home where I usually change bus.
One car of the road, two trailers in the railings and myself in a bus slipping sideways on the road.
When I eventually got home, half an hour late, raining, below freezing (yes, it was raining) and I found out
that my keys are missing, and ofc, when I fell back at school.
I called my parents, both of them would be working late stood out there, got inside, curled up in a dark corner and started crying to the realization that I most likely not won’t be able to go to England in April.
Everything ended up okay in consideration of the consequences,
my mother and I went there and it was at the exact spot where I pointed out.
Got some crying in the evening, a call and movie, tired as hell but it could be worse I think.

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