The day after with fog – Part two

So, the other half of the day now.
After lunch a classmate came and we had a chat, we looked at her
manuscript forth musical and if you read this:
I love the way that you wrote it, it was very good ^_^
Then we came to the topic about my problems that some of you might now already. She actually took ny side and wanted to send me to someone when she noticed something. Thank you.
And the others jn my class seems more open to me now and everything is just getting better at school, that’s a plus I suppose.

I am getting my role mainly in the band, as a bass player with and piano on more advanced pieces since I play the piano quite well, according to my friends and family: very good.

Last night I went in to the city, picked my mother up from her over the day surgery and everything”accidently on purpose” purchased a western guitar. I love it, it is so nice.
I also managed to talk a little bit to the one, and we will talk more this weekend, haven’t been able to talk this week and it’s really tough. So glad she manages better now and that she’s growing in herself, so happy and yet scared. But mostly proud and glad since the bonod between us is as strong as ever.

Highlight from today: Guitar, being loved from so many ways and getting told by many people that I brighten up the day to live and exist.
I’m so confused, and yet, happy


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