The day after with fog

So yesterday was different, not to mention the fact that I actually felt better,
but also that I’ve got only one class, music during lunch and was able to get home
several hours earlier than usual.
The fog was a mess, I could barely see the town below the school for the whole day.
The crying sessions had made me a bit better and I thank you for all the support I got from you
on tuesday. Wednesday was a day of recvery, from the end of the skype call at 5pm I was
somewhere between being awake and asleep, “woke up” for dinner and then back to my
state of mind between dreams and reality.
Fell asleep instantly, and today I just feel blank. My parents gave me a ride to school and
I had a lot of time to relax at home, I need more time and today is a quite relaxing day.
I still feel hollow and I don’t know when it will ease…

Until the end of this week I will send these links to the people that have means alot to me and still
do when it comes to this side of me. Thank you for being there.

And Irina, thank you…
You make me drift off and just focus on one thing.
To be told I’m doing a good job, it feels good.

P.S. Considering buying a new guitar, more updates will come this evening.


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