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~ As a result to all of your positive feedback, I will now answer questions and discuss topics that seem relevant per request ~
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I’m am an 21 year old student at University of Umeå majoring in Human Behviour Analysis towards IT-environments with a graduation in natural sciences from high school. I will be studying the matter even deeper next year when I am doing pedagogy, behaviour around Electronic and it gadgets combined with psychologies and social medias. I speak Swedish and English fluently and I’m a person who enjoys more alternative aesthetics, nature and travel. On here, you will be able to read about my thoughts and experiences, how I live my life dealing with anxiety attacks and insecurity along with discuasions and my thoughts on a range of topics.

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Thanks to the great motivational feedback in combination with old and more recent friendships, more frequent blogging came to be a part of my life. It is thanks to all the feedback I’ve received from you that I’ve decided to let you be able to ask questions anonymously that I’ll answer in posts.

If you’ve got any ideas or questions, or suggestions of blogs I should read, please let me know.
Blessed be!

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